words to live by

I can tell you a lot of reasons why I love the New People Mall in Japantown. One of them are the words and drawings that you can find all over the building, some tucked away so well that you have to look twice to see them. I especially love that they're all contrary to those typical words of wisdom that people often tell us. Because let's face it, while it feels safe to color inside the lines, its definitely more exciting to color outside of it.

This one is my favorite, of course. Daydreaming was not really encouraged when I was growing up but I discovered early on that if I could just manage to get good grades then I can always use "studying" as an excuse to daydream. So long as I had a book or a notebook open in front of me, no one really cared if I was staring into space and dreaming of lands far, far away. Ha. And really, I wouldn't have it any other way. If I had to give an advice to my 10-year old self, one of the things that I would tell her is to keep on dreaming. Most definitely.

What about you? What will you tell to your younger self?


  1. I would tell me:
    relax. your mistakes aren't that significant.
    be hopeful.
    keep doing things your way.

  2. holly, i agree. keep doing things your way :)

  3. I would tell my younger self to "be you, and nobody else"... I'm still trying to tell my older self that too!

    I love New People! San Francisco is my most favorite place to visit!!!