youthful innocence

One of my ballet teachers, a charming 70-year old man who used to teach Margot Fonteyn, told us last night that the best thing that we can do as a dancer is to embody a youthful innocence. He said that some of the best Juliets are in their 50s but you can never tell because they move their body with such grace and abandon that it's almost like they've captured the best of youth in the way they dance.

I thought about what he said and how wonderful it would be if I could keep that youthful innocence in my life. But what is the best thing about youth really? For me, I think it's that endless capacity to dream and believe in something with all of your heart. Like falling in love for the first time or staying up all night to read a favorite book all over again, reading words out loud, or laying on your back gazing at the night stars, that feeling like you have all the time in the world.

Wouldn't it be great to wake up with a little bit of this feeling every single day?

(Photo by Charles Rodrigo via simply lovely)


  1. I like to think it's possible to retain that feeling for the whole of one's life, but we'll see if I'm right. :)

  2. julia, yes. though its easier said than done, but we can always try right? :)

  3. I hope along with you I can! This post alone made me hopeful and happy :)

  4. This picture and post alone are so fun and hopeful. I also wish I can capture and maintain that thirst for life and freedom my whole life :)

  5. edge, thank you! glad you enjoyed the post.

    dorkys, thanks! isn't that picture just awesome.