in search for that white dress

This is it. I saw this picture over at The Sartorialist and realized that this girl from Milan is wearing the white summer dress of my dreams.

I also found some styling inspiration from my favorite fashion bloggers. The lovely Rhiannon styled hers with a vintage floral vest.

Alix wore her white dress with a pale pink blazer and black ankle boots - so sweet and edgy at the same time. I think this is perfect for our chilly San Francisco summers.

Now I just need to find a dress similar to the ones above. Any ideas? It has to be light and wrinkle-free (because I hate ironing, ha!).

(Photos by The Sartorialist, Liebemarlene Vintage, The Cherry Blossom Girl)


  1. Totally fell in love with that same white dress in the top photo too. Truth be told, my favorite summer white dress came from F21 - a silk/cotton blend with embroidered flowers. Very vintage.

  2. ro, thanks for the tip! i should check F21..i have a gift card there too! :)

  3. Sounds like you have a plan. I like the idea of pairing the dress with vests and jackets. My favorite was the ivory one with the vest.

  4. Man, I bought the cutest little white dress topped with this layer of embroidered or laced flowers at this store in France back in 2002. I've never been gutsy enough to wear it though because I always worry about see-through issues and the right underwear for it.

    Still, for the past 8 years I've joked that it will be my summer wedding dress fit for a ceremony on the beach. Or maybe I'll just finally wear it when I go to California in July :)

  5. Hey I recently started a blog, check it out

    Love the dress!