this goodbye thing

Last Saturday night I took my mom to the airport and though I kept it together at the departure gate, I pretty much started crying bawling as soon as I got back to my car. It was definitely harder than I thought. And now my mornings are so quiet without the sound of her doing things in the kitchen.

That's the thing about my mom, she is a doer. Without saying anything, she gets things done. One day I came home for lunch and learned that she had already cooked for the day, ironed and mended my clothes, cleaned the entire apartment, and went to church. How does she do it?

Other things I miss about her. How she is so perceptive and seem to know what I need before I even say them. How she wants to have music on all the time. The careful way she fixes her hair, how she believes that there is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy one, and that appearance does matter even if people say otherwise.

I feel bad that I give her a hard time about praying the rosary or start getting impatient when she wants to look around for the best shopping deals and compare prices from one store to another. We often have different opinions on things but at the end of the day, I can proudly say that we really do respect each other and the things that we've accomplished.

And oh, did I say anything about thrift shopping? Because that's definitely one of the best parts with having her around, going to thrift/second-hand stores, putting together outfits and getting dressed up for no reason at all. That, and well, goofing around inside photo booths at Japantown.

Ma, thank you for coming to visit and for everything that you do for me/us. I think of you every time I make coffee in the morning and when I drive up and down Dolores Street. And I laugh when I remember our marathon drama-watching nights, how we *tried* to sing along to this song on our road trip down the coast. Bogoshipda. xoxo.


  1. Your mom sounds amazing, and like she could be one of your best friends, what a wonderful relationship to have! Oh and that last set of pictures with both of you wearing Anthropologie is adorable :)

  2. ohww :) this is a lovely post.
    hope the missing is a bit better by now.

  3. anjali - thanks! she is amazing. and yes, we're both wearing Anthro items that i scored super cheap at Jeremy's :)

    holly - missing is better now, thanks. it certainly helps that i talk to her on the phone everyday.

  4. I'm glad you two has such a nice visit. Cool photos.