the boat behind and other stories

Hi all. I apologize for the radio silence over here. I have no internet access and just found out that my little point and shoot camera is now beyond repair. Sad, sad news.

So no internet, television, or camera to play around with. What's a girl to do? Why live inside books, of course. I've read more books in the last couple of days than the first six months of the year combined. Its glorious. It's also slightly dizzying, as I've been practicing Hiragana and memorizing new Japanese words. Yume means dream.

Did I ever tell you about my dream of living inside a bookstore? Something like the photo above, with stacks and stacks of books within arms reach. This was actually taken inside a bookstore in Paris, Shakespeare & Company, where writers can have free food and lodging provided that they read a book a day. I'm not sure if I can do this though, I mean its Paris that we're talking about here, I'd rather walk around aimlessly and people-watch at outdoor cafes. But a bed inside a bookstore does sound idyll.

How about you, what's new? Any plans for the weekend or the rest of the summer? Its been so cold here in San Francisco lately, I can't help but wish I could go on a road trip to a place where its actually warm and sunny, and oh, can I have the boys from Kings of Convenience sing with me on that road trip too? This song makes me ache for summer even more than I already do:

(Photo by Glynnis Ritchie on Flickr)


  1. without a camera! oh, poor you. do you think you'll get another p&s, or...?

  2. I can think of worse things than living inside of books :)

  3. I think we all should have at least one day in the week for just books, wouldn't that be lovely, hein ?

  4. holly, i'm thinking another P&S. i know...

    hila, that's true. it could be worse :P

    sophia, thanks for visiting! its so good to see you here. and yes, a day for books sounds lovely.