comrades, almost a love story

I've been looking for this movie for awhile now and finally last week, when I was without internet and became a permanent fixture at the local libraries, I managed to track it down at the Chinatown library. The fact that I watched the whole thing despite its hard to read subtitles and low picture quality (its only available on VCD) is a testament to how good this movie is. I can't remember being so touched by a film since Bright Star.

Set in HongKong before it was turned over to China, the story is about two young immigrants who came to the big city to pursue their dreams. The boy wants to make enough money to marry his fiancee and bring her to Hong Kong, the girl is working multiple jobs so she can send money home and buy a house for her mom.

Simple enough, right? The beauty of this film is in its execution and character study. You can probably tell from the *almost* part of the title that this is not your typical happy-ever-after story, it's bittersweet, and very, very real. It broke my heart to watch two people try so hard not to fall in love, be pragmatic, and pretend that they want something else. And as an immigrant myself, I can relate to their struggle to assimilate and learn the cultural nuances of their adapted city.

A film critic that I really admire recommended this movie as one of the must-see foreign films. Now I understand why. Its unfortunate that it wasn't shown in the U.S. and had only limited DVD release. But if you do manage to find a copy, its definitely worth the search.


  1. Hi, Odessa. Please excuse me for taking so long to come by and say hello. Life is a whirlwind lately, but that's no excuse! I hope your life is going well.

    This sounds like my kind of movie. I love what you said about the characterization. Those are my favorite types of films to see. Thanks so much for the heads up. I will see if my library has it. I'm always looking for a good film.

  2. I know the actor named Li Ming

  3. julie, no worries. and thank you soooo much for dropping by! let me know if your library has it or if you've seen it :)