degas and chamberdance

Bay Area dwellers, there's tons of exciting events in San Francisco this weekend:
  • My ballet school's dance company, Chamberdance, is performing at the Legion of Honor Museum on Sunday. The performance is a collaboration between artist Jeremy Sutton and Chamberdance, as inspired by Edgard Degas. Read more about it here.
  • The annual Renegade Craft Fair is back at Fort Mason. I went last year and it was so much fun, lots of independent artists and DIY sellers. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and browse all the stalls first. Also stick to your budget as there's so much good stuff that you'll be tempted to buying everything.
  • Indonesia Day at Union Square on Saturday. My friend Melania invited me to this one. Program includes dancing, music, and food sampling. I'm especially excited to taste traditional Indonesian cuisine.
  • Alameda Flea Market. Hands down, the best flea market in town. It happens every first Sunday of the month and I suggest you go early to get the best deals.
And the best part is, admission to these events are free! Happy Friday! Cheers/Kanpai.


  1. dang, I rather regret that I won't be here.

  2. i know. i wish you could come to see chamberdance too. don't worry, SF ballet next sunday :)

  3. flea markets are so nice and homemade.

  4. ballets are so wonderful, looks like you have a lot of choices this weekend.