a few good things


Learning Japanese is working my brain like no other. It's hard. Especially when I get really excited that I can read certain words only to realize that I have no idea what they mean. But the good news is, I can now write all 46 basic Hiragana characters! (See how they look like here). I wrote my first sentences last week and oh how sweet it is.

Also, I finally caved in and bought a new point and shoot camera. I know. I've been wanting to buy a DSLR for ages but I just can't afford one right now. But let me tell you, it was really tempting. I'm trying to convince myself that I also don't have time to learn how to use a DSLR and I'd hate to be one of those people who carry their expensive camera equipment around and don't even know how to use it properly. Its so annoying and pretentious and I'm just jealous so I need to get over it. Ha.

Now I can see the fog rolling in from my window. My tea smells like cinnamon and crisp autumn nights. It feels strange and yet wonderful to wear tights in the middle of summer. I wonder if one day I will prefer writing in kana/kanji more than Romaji (Roman alphabet). These are my thoughts this morning. How about you?


  1. that's so courageous of you to learn japanese, I would love to learn it to. Days around here are also looking like the beautiful autumn days ahead and that cinnamon tea might be just perfect for me too... I'm going to make one right now ;-)

  2. is that a llama bag? gah!

  3. sofia, thank you. that's so nice of you. it does take a lot of courage but once you get started its also terribly addicting :)

    holly, yes its a llama bag. i got it for free with the japanese e-mook that i bought last week.

  4. How adventurous of you. Keep at it.

    I have a friend that's coincidentally also learning Japanese this summer. We drove to Galveston last night and watched Rashomon, and she squealed every time she understood a word. ;)

  5. julia, i'm like your friend. i go crazy every time i understand or read a word. i think your friend and i should get in touch, we can geek out together. haha.