meet me at the water's edge

Took my new camera for a little hike by the ocean this afternoon. I'm surprised that the pictures came out well despite the low light, it was very cold and the Golden Gate Bridge was completely covered with fog. I have a feeling that my camera and I will get along just fine. Indeed.


  1. These pics are beautiful! Clearly you didn't need that DSLR after all ;)

  2. lovely. i've been wanting to eat in that little diner (with the bikes) for all of July.

  3. beautiful Odessa :) especially love that last one, the color red with the ocean behind !

  4. mary lynneJuly 30, 2010

    i know that area and it looks good overcast. love the flowers.... thanks for sharing O.... =)

  5. anjali, thanks! someday i will own a DSLR but i do love my new little camera.

    holly, that diner is always packed! i didn't even check their menu, i'm sure its pricey.

    sofia, thank you. i love that shot too.

    ms. mary, isn't point lobos/cliff house area just breathtaking? its even more dramatic when its cold and foggy. thanks for dropping by!

  6. Hi Odessa!

    Love reading your blogs =)

    I especially like this one since it reminded me of the time when Grace, you, and I drove to San Francisco, your very first day there as an official resident.....and here you are obviously still loving it there! I remember when we walked around those very same areas you took pictures of. Have fun with your new toy!