the state i am in

The title is a nod to my favorite band, Belle and Sebastian, who is currently on tour and will come to the West Coast in October. I never thought I'd get the chance to see them live and now I feel like doing cartwheels! Check out this great video of their song here.

Right this second, all I want to do is peruse a Japanese e-mook (cross between a magazine and a book) that I bought from Kinokuniya Bookstore. With my limited Hiragana, I can't really understand a thing, but I do love looking at the images. I think Japanese aesthetic is so dreamy in its simplicity.

Like the photo above from Fudge magazine. Doesn't it make you want to lay down on a grass somewhere, put on your headphones, and listen to your favorite songs?

I hope you are having a great morning. And its Friday, yes!

(Fudge magazine scan via clever nettle)


  1. Sometimes I realize that other countries are far ahead of the U.S. E-mook = genius. :)

  2. maya, it's a genius idea indeed. one of these days i'll scan some pics from the e-mook and post it here. they're all so magical.