things we forget

I found this sweet little blog via Dorkys and I think its such a neat project. I also love that its called Post-it notes left to their fate in public places. Very whimsical, don't you think? And you already know how I feel about words in public places, so there.

I'm still kind of high from Spain's victory at the World Cup and staying up late reading Jane Eyre. (I'm now on Chapter XIV when Jane and Rochester were at the library and he asked, "Do you think me handsome?" Oh my. Why did I take so long to re-read this novel?). Hope you are having a beautiful Monday morning. And in the spirit of la furia roja, ¡OlĂ©!


  1. I didn't watch any of the games, but as a Latina I'm just content that Spain ended up on top. Now my Facebook newsfeed can go back to its regularly scheduled TMIs!

    Thanks for the link and hope you're having a wonderful Monday :)

  2. What a lovely, quirky place! I will be checking that out as well. You have been showing me lots of new things lately -- the 'furia roja' video and now 'things we forget.' Thank you.

  3. dorkys, regularly scheduled TMIs..haha. you got that right for sure.

    maya, you're very much welcome.