art and dance

Happy Monday friends! I had such a great weekend, hope you did too. Yesterday at the Legion of Honor Museum, we saw artist Jeremy Sutton paint dancers from our very own Chamberdance. Dressed as Edgar Degas, he showed us how his painting, Dance Rehearsal, came to life. First, he sketched each ballet dancer using pastel on paper.

Then he took out his easel, asked the dancers to assume their poses, and added colors on the painting. He showed us how to add more "light" at the dance studio.

Finally, here is the painting in progress. The whole demonstration felt like a glimpse of the past - period costumes, French music playing in the background, sculptures at the gallery - it was wonderful, all of it.

P.S. I made some (very) minor changes with the blog layout. How do you like the larger pictures?


  1. That's the coolest! Thanks soooo much for sharing...

    p.s. I was just thinking of you yesterday because we had a teacher's meeting at school and wondered how you were doing...

    hope all is well!

  2. marie, you're very welcome. i'm so glad to hear from you! thanks for dropping by. And yes, my summer break is almost over..back to the daily grind :(

  3. wow that looks wonderful, love to see a great painting come to live like that !

  4. Larger pictures are great! I started doing that too a bit ago. Makes the page pop a bit more :)

    And that demonstration sounds dreamy! I'm sure it was quite an experience. Sooo when are you going to show us your attempts? :p

    P.S. I LOVED California and cannot wait to return!

  5. i looiiike it. but i think you should make your banner wider too if you can.

  6. Wonderful is your way of seeing classical dance & art. I love your blog so I become one of your members !

    See you soon ;)

  7. dorkys, thanks. and oh, i'm so happy that you loved california. that means you're coming back soon right? which means we can finally meet up! :)

    holly, thanks for the feedback. i don't know how to make my banner wider but a new one is in the works. hopefully it will all work out.

    coco, thanks. glad you like it.