I watched this movie last week and fell in love with Austria. Especially this little village of Hallstatt. Surrounded by mountains and a lake, it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Isn't it dreamy? See more photos here, though I must warn you, it will inspire a serious case of wanderlust.

How about you, where is your fantasy destination these days?

(Photo by Kopernikus 1966)


  1. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


  2. I think I just found a place I want to escape to. This would be such a great place to live for a few months, maybe even a year.

  3. Your photos are enchanting.

  4. joven, thanks.

    tien, yesss. its a perfect get-away. i've been dreaming about it since.

    julia, thank you. not my photos though ;)

  5. Normandy, because I saw this painting today: http://www.01ns.eu/lacornice/monet_a_farmyard_in_normandy14e87.jpg

  6. Oh yes, Austria :) Dreamy place, I once went to Bregenz in Austria near the Constance Lac (at that time I worked for an austrian company in France and they payed us 4 days to go to the head offices in Bregenz) and it was just as beautiful as in this photo, a dreamy and quiet beautiful place.
    Now I'm dreaming of Saint Malo -Britany in France, it is just beautiful !

  7. holly, did you go to the impressionist exhibition? yay! there was another monet painting of a farm in normandy that i really liked too.

    sofia, lucky you! oh to live in europe :)

  8. namesake! :)

    two friends of mine just went to hallstatt last week and their photos were so dreamy! i've got to watch spring waltz, i love korean dramas and movies! :)

  9. ody! namesake :)
    welcome and thanks for visiting. you're friends are lucky to visit Hallstatt. and yes, you should watch spring waltz. it was a bit melodramatic for me but the cinematography is gorgeous!