making me happy

It's been awhile since my last happiness list and I really need one. Going back to work has been tough, to say the least. We are starting the new school year with high caseloads and I have a feeling that it will only get worse given our current budget cuts. Also, my car was making this strange grinding noises and I had to get it fixed which cost a lot of money. Yikes.

But enough of that. Here are a few of my little joys:

Talking to my 2 year-old niece on the phone. She keeps saying I love you every time she couldn't find the right words to say. And she calls me Odchie, her own version of my childhood nickname.

Sayuri sake. Now added to my favorite drinks list. And how cute is the packaging? Don't let this little pink bottle fool you though, it does pack quite a punch.

Foggy and moody Point Reyes. See Holly's breathtaking photos here.

Sushi and crepes with my cousin (also my best friend) who drove all the way from San Jose just so he could cheer me up with food. And it worked.

Understanding what the server is talking about at a Japanese restaurant and talking to her with my limited Japanese.

Ethiopian coffee that my friend Neeha gave me from her recent trip there. So very good. I'm tempted not to drink it everyday so it will last longer.

Getting a thank you card and movie passes from one of the families that I work with.

Ballet and dancing to live piano music.

Blogging and discovering new-to-me blogs.

How about you?


  1. I like that you mentioned getting movie passes. I don't watch that many movies, just because tickets are SO expensive, so I really appreciate getting them now! I'm still using the ones I got from last Christmas.

    And I bought that same sake just for the bottle years ago and never opened it. I'll have to try it! (With a new bottle, of course.)

  2. sayuri sake! I want to TRY this!

    and you got a pianist? awesommmme.

    sorry about your sick car costing you more. stupid machines.

    thanks for the link. :)

  3. Your niece sounds so cute!
    I've seen the saki before, at a local sushi place...gotta try it now.

  4. ro, i know what you mean. movies are so expensive these days, that's why i'm really picky about what i watch. and you should really try this sake, its good!

    holly, yes. try it! the pianist was only a one-time thing, don't know if we'll get one next semester. car, let's not even talk about it :(

    indie.tea, my niece is indeed very cute. she's like 2 going on 20. haha.

  5. I've never tried ethiopian coffee.

  6. des, its great coffee. you should try it when you get a chance :)

  7. hey lady, where did you buy this? i want to get some for my friend who's visiting...