monday pretties

I don't know about you guys but pretty rooms with bookshelves make me swoon. Yup, nerd alert. But isn't this room just heavenly? The wallpaper, those cushions. Oh my.


Then I saw this bedding from Anthropologie and my imaginary list of things to buy if or when I become rich just got longer. Not really. But the print is actually collected love letters from a vintage shop in Brooklyn. How awesome is that? I personally would prefer something like this made of handwritten poems. Then you'll literally be sleeping with poetry. Ah, I would love that. Very much.

(Photos from Wary meyers and Anthropologie)


  1. Oh my! that room is a dream (I just grabbed the photo for my inspiration file) and can you imagine that room with that bedding ??? I would also prefer poetry because it would be definetely awesome to sleep with poetry :)

  2. I do like that room with the light shining in like that, but I prefer that bedding MUCH better. It's light and airy and lovely...literally in some sense. Great find! I'm not even going to go check how much it costs though.

  3. mary lynneAugust 17, 2010

    love love love... we have so much in common miss O....

  4. sofia, thanks. i'm glad you love it too.

    dorkys, its so light and airy isn't it? i loooove the bows too. and you're right, don't check the price :)

    ms. m, thanks! we do have a lot in commom. starting with books! :)