morning scribbles

Cold/samui/tugnaw. I can now talk about the weather in 3 languages. But that doesn't make it any better. I thought I'm used to our freezing summers. Apparently not.

There are mornings when I wake up and I'm filled with so many worries it threatens to topple me over.

9:00 a.m. I go for a walk. Breathe.

I think about a word, a picture, a line from a song.

Someone is singing in front of the train station, and it's a song that you love. (translated from this song).

Last week at the post office an elderly man in front me was talking to the station agent. She asked him how are you. He said, not so good, my wife passed away last Friday. I could tell that he was trying so hard to keep it together. He talked about how she was recently diagnosed with cancer, how she fell and broke her ribs, complications from surgery.

It was all too sudden
, he said, his voice breaking. I wanted to give him a hug, say something nice. How do you say I'm sorry to a stranger and really mean it? I watched him buy a packet of Forever stamps, as if it was just another ordinary day.

Now its 10 a.m. I walk past a Victorian house with pretty windows. Somewhere else in the world people are sleeping with stars over their heads.


  1. beautiful words, Odessa, so inspiring. Now as I'm reading you it's almost 10 pm here in France, it's already dark outside and I'm watching a documentary about wildlife in Alaska -it's gorgeous- and I'm also thinking that there are people just waking up and others gathered for a meal feeling the same sun that lighted my afternoon just a few hours ago. Life's beautiful and never ending...

  2. Hi Odang, it's rainy day here in Chicago. Feels like fall (hence my slight melancholy) and I remembered that I have yet to thank you for your message in the origami crane that came along with your RSVP. :)

    I was so excited to get it kay I've always heard of people getting them and it was my very first one. hahaha Call me a dork but I LOVED IT! Sadly, I couldn't fold it back into a crane to show Cristian. Oh well! hehehe

    Excited na ko anhi mo diri, ga! I have to call you kay naa koy request gikan nimo. (Magpabaga og naong ang bride! hehehe) Talk to you soon, dear.

  3. sofia, thank you. when you really think about it, its really amazing how interconnected we all are.

    christy, i'm so happy you loved the paper crane. call me! :)

  4. Your words really touched me. Here in South Africa everything seems magical to me, and as i lay here listening to the lions and hyeana calling i think of all the other people laying under the stars tonight. Your scribbles reach all corners of this earth

  5. husky37, welcome and thanks for stopping by. and how cool is it that you can hear lions and hyeanas calling..definitely heading over to your blog to learn more about your adventures :)