same skirt, different seasons

This photo was taken back in February in Carmel Valley. Bottom one was taken last week at the Golden Gate Park. Though its the same skirt, I'm not sure how the colors came out so different. Summer versus winter light?

I'm trying to clean out my closet and sort my clothes between keep, resell, give away piles and trying to embrace the "less is more" mentality. It's a daunting task especially since I've grown quiet attached to some clothes that doesn't even work for me or my style anymore. So far, here's my to keep criteria:
  • If I can come up with 3 outfits using the said piece of clothing. Like the summer skirt above, which I can wear all year long because I can easily "winterize" it with tights and boots and because of its neutral color goes well with a lot of tops.
  • Function vs. emotion. If its been sitting in my closet unworn for months then I need to get rid of it no matter how much I think I love it. Because if I really do love it, then I'd wear it, right?
  • Fit and style. I'm a sucker for sale items and most of the time I end of buying something just because its on sale, never mind that it doesn't fit with the rest of my aesthetic or its a size too big or too long for me. Either I have these items altered or just re-sell it.
  • Practicality. I have multiple capris and shorts that I kept for those days when I feel like lounging around. But since I live in San Francisco and you can hardly wear them because its often cold here, then I only really need to keep 2 of each.
Any other tips or advice? I'd really appreciate it. Arigatou.


  1. One of the things I do is have a couple of brown bags for items that are special, but can't be worn all the time. I keep in the bag for a determined period of time. For me, it's 1 year. If I reach for the item in that year period, it gets put back in the closet. At the end of the one year, the items get donated.

    I need to clean out my closet, too. :(

  2. tien, that's a good idea! i need to that so i can keep track of the ones that i don't wear and sort them as i go along, instead of going through my entire closet like i'm doing now..which is definitely a painful process. i don't know when i'll get this done. yikes.

    thanks :)

  3. Good for you for cleaning out your closet aggressively! I am such a failure at this. I get irrationally attached to pieces, and even when I FINALLY put clothes I KNEW I was never going to wear in eBay and donate piles earlier this Spring....guess what, those piles are still sitting there! I am failure :) So no words of advice, other than don't be like me!