the seasons are changing, the harvest comes

Once again broken promises keep me here --
I feel so caught up with you
and yet bound by the roots of this ground.

As clichéd as it sounds, this short film and the words above really spoke to me. It was made for the Australian label Lover and yes I'd wear their dresses every single day if I could. But more than the lovely clothes, there is something about this film that captures how I feel at the moment. All that restlessness, longing, and melancholy that comes with the changing seasons. The scenery also reminds me of these photos that I took around Point Reyes last Tuesday.

P.S. Isn't Sophie Lowe gorgeous in this film? You can see the complete Harvest collection from Lover here. Be prepared to swoon. And have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I enjoyed watching this video, thanks for sharing! Much like your beautiful photos, it is quite dreamy :)

  2. beautiful words and video and your photos are perfect with the rest, particularly love the second one (all that immensity).

  3. onecraftyfox, thanks for visiting. i'm glad you enjoyed the vid and the photos. and welcome to my little blog :)

    sofia, thank you. i love that you used the word immensity, yes indeed all that expanse of land was immense and freeing.

  4. oh yes, I love Lover. Love, love, love! If only we could afford them.

  5. hila, i agree. if only we could afford them :(