I want one. And now the want has intensified a thousand times over when I saw this picture of Ebony's new mamachari in Tokyo and this line from Holly's blog post:

"the part they didn't tell you about riding off into the sunset—how beautiful the light would be falling on your handlebars..."

Gah. I want a bike so bad but its just not practical for me right now. First because my studio is too small that there is nowhere to store it. And second because I live in a very hilly neighborhood that biking to work would probably take all my energy and I won't have any left to deal with my very active students. Of course, if/when I move to that's another story.

Watch this adorable video of Japanese mothers and their mamacharis, picking up their kids from kindergarten. My cheeks hurt from smiling too much, especially since I can understand some of the words that they're saying.

P.S. I actually just spent most of my Saturday afternoon in a dentist's chair, had 3 fillings and all that good stuff so I'm quiet loopy right now, which may explain this sudden desire to own a bike. :)

(Photo via Hello Sandwich)

dreamers & believers


Dreamers & Believers is a Sydney-based art collective by artists Dinta Jakile and Stacia Hadiutomo. I am so in love with their styling and I want one of their sweet pompom necklaces. Aren't they pretty? Do head on over and check out all their dreamy projects.



(Photo via The Finders Keepers)

on solitude


I am here alone for the first time in weeks, to take up my "real" life again at last. That is what is strange - that friends, even passionate love are not my real life unless there is time alone in which to explore and to discover what is happening or has happened. ~May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude

Photo taken last weekend at Los Vaqueros Reservoir.

green apple books, circa 2008


Looking at this photo makes me smile. My friend Dae sent it to me a couple of days ago with a caption that says "Your Happy Place". It was taken at one of my favorite used bookstores in the city. A lot of things happened on this day, beautiful things. We also met a certain guitar-strumming boy for the first time and our lives will be never the same again after that. So here's to friendship and found old photographs.

(Photo by Dae. You can visit her new blog here)

summer is late, my heart


Summer is late, my heart: the dusty fiddler
Hunches under the stone; these pummelings
Of scent are more than masquerade; I have heard
A song repeat, repeat, till my breath had failed.
As flowers have flowers, at the season’s height,
A single color oversweeps the field.
-- Stanley Kunitz, The Collected Poems

I love this stanza so much that I can probably recite it in my sleep. It has also turned into a theme of sorts, especially since San Francisco summers are always always late and I am catching up with the sun, taking in as many late summer afternoons as I can, reveling in that golden hour between sunset and twilight.

Unfortunately, I've also been such a busy bee lately that I have neglected this little blog. Starting a new school year is always a challenge but hopefully I can get everything organized and will be back to my regular posting here. For now, here are pictures that I took while hiking along Land's End and spending some time reading at Baker's Beach just in time for sunset. The beauty of this place never fails to astound me. Enjoy.






P.S. I miss you guys. How have you been?

have a magical weekend.

What are you guys up to for Labor Day weekend? I plan on catching up on my sleep and reading some poetry. We are also taking a long drive up the coast with no destination in mind. Hopefully we'll end up somewhere around Tomales Bay, where I took this photo three years ago. Its still one of the most magical sunsets that I can remember.

Happy weekending. xx.

virginia woolf

This blows my mind. The only surviving recording of Virginia Woolf's voice from a BBC radio broadcast in 1937. I am currently re-reading Mrs. Dalloway and she really is a genius. Her words are so rich that sometimes I find myself wanting to read some sentences over and over again.

P.S. You can read the transcript of this interview here. Enjoy!