I want one. And now the want has intensified a thousand times over when I saw this picture of Ebony's new mamachari in Tokyo and this line from Holly's blog post:

"the part they didn't tell you about riding off into the sunset—how beautiful the light would be falling on your handlebars..."

Gah. I want a bike so bad but its just not practical for me right now. First because my studio is too small that there is nowhere to store it. And second because I live in a very hilly neighborhood that biking to work would probably take all my energy and I won't have any left to deal with my very active students. Of course, if/when I move to that's another story.

Watch this adorable video of Japanese mothers and their mamacharis, picking up their kids from kindergarten. My cheeks hurt from smiling too much, especially since I can understand some of the words that they're saying.

P.S. I actually just spent most of my Saturday afternoon in a dentist's chair, had 3 fillings and all that good stuff so I'm quiet loopy right now, which may explain this sudden desire to own a bike. :)

(Photo via Hello Sandwich)


  1. what a gorgeous bike! i want one, too!

  2. aw...what a sweet aspect of bike culture.

    wishing a speedy recovery for your mouth!

  3. hi ody! i know, right? love that its turquoise.

    holly, thanks! mouth is on its way to recover after eating ice cream. i hope.

  4. that bike is so sweet, i love the color :)
    your blog is lovely

  5. I want one too, it certainly beats a car!

  6. Sorry to hear about those fillings! That's a beautiful bike...I don't blame you for wanting one!

  7. I want one tooo!!! My kids would think this is fabulous!
    Kristina J.