summer is late, my heart


Summer is late, my heart: the dusty fiddler
Hunches under the stone; these pummelings
Of scent are more than masquerade; I have heard
A song repeat, repeat, till my breath had failed.
As flowers have flowers, at the season’s height,
A single color oversweeps the field.
-- Stanley Kunitz, The Collected Poems

I love this stanza so much that I can probably recite it in my sleep. It has also turned into a theme of sorts, especially since San Francisco summers are always always late and I am catching up with the sun, taking in as many late summer afternoons as I can, reveling in that golden hour between sunset and twilight.

Unfortunately, I've also been such a busy bee lately that I have neglected this little blog. Starting a new school year is always a challenge but hopefully I can get everything organized and will be back to my regular posting here. For now, here are pictures that I took while hiking along Land's End and spending some time reading at Baker's Beach just in time for sunset. The beauty of this place never fails to astound me. Enjoy.






P.S. I miss you guys. How have you been?


  1. beautiful words...and photos.
    i am already starting to miss summer here as it is winding down (east coast)...but welcoming a new season is also so fun and refreshing. have a lovely week ♥

  2. beautiful indeed, Oh and that golden sky is amazing, happy that you have been enjoying such a beautiful late summer :)

  3. thanks for posting these pictures, odang. it brings back memories when mario and i were there labor day weekend two years ago. though i wish we were there at this time of the day where the light is wonderful, maybe next time=)

    i miss you. wish i could visit you soon.

  4. angel dog designs - thanks. hope you can squeeze in every last bit of summer while you can. :)

    sofia, that golden light is indeed my favorite time of the day. thanks!

    'rish, awww..i miss you too. hope to see you and mario soon.

  5. the golden hour is most poignant in fall and late summer. why is that?

    i've been pretty well. busyness suits me better than i think it does when i'm not busy.

  6. what is the title of the poem?

  7. great pictures...i need to come out for a visit haha.