happy new year!

I wish you and your loved ones lots and lots of joy
and everything that your heart desires for 2011.
Have a wonderful and safe celebrations! Cheers!


  1. Were you at Mama's? I swear I recognize the curtains and the French toast.

    Happy New Year, Odessa!

  2. happy new year! you look lovely.

  3. Hip hip hurray! Happy new year and best wishes and ‘jolly cheer :3

  4. happy new year Odessa, hope this new year of 2011 will bring you and your loved ones all you wish for :)

  5. Tien, thanks! Yesss...I was a Mama's for a very late brunch. I love that place, especially their French toast. And did you recognize the dress too? I can't seem to stop wearing it, its the only thing that I got for my bday discount and I love it so. :)

    Happy New Year to you too, Tien!

  6. Julia, thank you. Best wishes to you too.

    Eliz, thanks for dropping by. And welcome.

    Sofia, thanks. Wishing you the same for the new year.

  7. What a beautiful photo, Odessa! Happy New Year! Thanks for the good wishes.

    Here's to another year of blogging and creativity!

  8. aww, that's such a sweet photo :)

    happy new year once again!

  9. ItadakimasUJanuary 06, 2011

    aaah, i thought this picture seems familiar ;)