merry christmas!

love actually is all around

Three days ago, the most beautiful thing happened to me. I was lining up to buy tickets for the San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker when a man came up to me and asked, Do you need tickets? I nodded yes. He smiled, gave me a ticket, and said Merry Christmas.

I must have embarrassed the poor guy with my excited thank you's, but its not everyday that you get front orchestra tickets from a complete stranger, so yes, I was overjoyed. It made my first experience of watching The Nutcracker so much more magical.

Have a very wonderful Christmas everyone! May you also experience the little joys that your heart is longing for this season. ♥

Photo by Nicole Jordan


  1. oh wow. that is such a wonderful story.

    merry xmas. :)

  2. SUCH a gift. Can't wait to hear more about your first Nutcracker.

  3. hope you have a merry christmas too!!

  4. Oh little sparrow!
    Your blog is fantastical! - with fancy pictures here, there and everywhere!
    It tickles my tummy butterflies!
    Enjoy your new year!