monday pretties




Today, my heart is longing for:
that perfect summer light, a vintage film camera, ballet --
and my sisters -- I really, really miss them so.


This photo was taken when they went on a trip to Singapore last year.
And yes, it goes without saying that to me, they are the prettiest.

How about you, what does your heart long for today?

(First 2 photos via Daydream Lily, ballet photo by deerlings & ghosthings)

i'd pay to visit you on rainy sundays


The weather has been kind of moody these days, with intermittent fog and rain, and I find myself getting antsy too. Especially because my knee is still troubling me and I really miss my ballet classes. Been walking around the neighborhood to clear my head, taking pictures, and meeting with some friends for breakfast and coffee.



I think you guys know how much I love my breakfast food. But I love it more when a restaurant adds sweet little touches, like these muffins for free. Yum, yum.


Also went to the library for some writing time.  There's nothing quiet like spending a rainy Saturday morning cocooned inside a library, in company of books.  I am especially a fan of this one because of its high ceilings and tall bay windows.


I went into January with so much energy and enthusiasm but it didn't turn out quiet the way I wanted it to be. But its okay, I must keep on walking forward.  These words, by Naomi Shihab Nye, resonate so much in me right now: 

 You keep walking, lifting one foot, then the other,
saying “This is what I need to remember”
and then hoping you can.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone. And thank you for all your comments and sweet words, as always.

photo + poetry

favourite place

Fall down the rabbit hole and I know I'll find you
when you land. ~ Maya Ganesan

As soon as I saw this photo and read Maya's poem, I knew that they are meant to be together. Doesn't it remind you of Alice in Wonderland?

This pretty much sums up what I'm wishing for at the moment. That feeling of sense of wonder and awe with the everyday. To find inspiration in the everyday things, no matter how small.

Here's to an inspired weekend for all of us, indeed.

sunny days are coming




These are the rest of the photos that I took while walking around my neighborhood with a disposable camera. I'm so swamped with work and the daily grind and my left knee is not doing too well so I've been taking it easy, no ballet for a couple of days and its definitely making me sad and apprehensive. The good news is, its all blue skies and sunny here. And I will be somewhere even sunnier in less than a month! Woot! (Hint: white sandy beaches and Mayan ruins).

Hope everyone is doing well. xxo

we met in a dream








We went to Tomales Bay last weekend. The drive was foggy and hazy and the rain started to sprinkle a little but we pranced around the roadside anyway. Stopped by my favorite bakery and had some homemade blueberry crisp with hot chocolate. I left my camera at home so we bought a cheap disposable one along way. I actually liked how the pictures turned out, it captured the mood of the countryside quiet perfectly.

speaking of mr. darcy...


It looks like someone's been keeping up with the times. Heh. And why is it that I want to giggle like a schoolgirl that he calls her LizzyB? Or that his website is named "above being pleased"?  And he's following only 5 people, of course.

Also, will I ever stop seeing Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy?  Probably not.  He's the best Darcy, in my opinion.

(Created by Austen Pride via English Muse)

secret gardens and fairytales

capuccino kiss

I think I've mentioned here before that though I don't watch tv, I love watching foreign films and Japanese and Korean dramas. And for the past 10 weeks, I have been so immersed in this crazy magical world of Secret Garden that it seems fitting that I should write something about it.

On the surface, the story is quiet simple, rich boy falls for poor girl and the obstacles that they face along the way, a modern-day Cinderella story that ends with a happy-ever-after. And truth be told, I'm not usually a fan of happy-ever-afters. The movies and books that I adore are mostly bittersweet or tragic (e.g. Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Wuthering Heights) and I'm always the first to roll my eyes or throw a snarky comment at chick flicks and romantic comedies. So what makes this show special that I'm actually grinning like an idiot for hours on end and (now) even writing about it?

The first thing that comes to mind is a jolt of electricity. From the moment he first laid eyes on her, insulting and complimenting her at the same time, I was a lost cause. Their quick and witty banter reminds me of Pride and Prejudice. The characters are very flawed but also realistic in their assessment of love and the social divide that its actually refreshing. Though not quiet as dashing as Mr. Darcy, I immediately fell in love with the quirky and neurotic male lead, from his gibberish chants down to his sparkly tracksuits. I mean, he is so adorably clueless that the first thing he did was read books about poverty just so he can try to understand her. Heh.

Add to that, the cinematography is gorgeous, the dialogue is rich and laden with dry humor, complete with soul-swapping plot twists that will surely take you on a dizzying ride. And did I mention that the couple's onscreen chemistry is crackling? Yeah, it literally leaves me heady and breathless, the way they stare at each other.


P.S. You can read the synopsis and watch this show online at

up and down rollercoaster hills



I took these photos before riding on this cable car from Chinatown to Union Square. I had forgotten how much fun it is to dangle from a cable car going up and down the hills -- you know that stop-feeling in your stomach when the hill dips so low, chilly winter air hitting you in the face, and you are holding on to the railing for dear life?

Ah, I love this city. I hope you can all come and visit when you get a chance.

P.S. That's the Transamerica Pyramid in the background.

a quiet unfolding


You are beginning to fold up in your own single way.
You feel your edges move toward center,
your heart like a folded blanket unfolding
and folding in with everything contained.
Right this second, my room smells like the forest floor, a combination of fig, mistletoe, and fresh mint. When I close my eyes, I can easily imagine that I'm in a little cabin in the woods, wrapped in the coziest of blankets, writing my heart out. Reality is much less idyll. I'm still bundled up and typing away, my favorite scented candle burning deliciously in the background, though instead of a quaint woodsy room, my place is strewn with papers, books, and clothes all over.

I spent New Year's eve having a lovely dinner at a friend's house but didn't go dancing with them afterwards. Instead, I went home and spent the last hour of 2010 in a quiet creative pursuit, thinking about everything and nothing, vaguely listening to the faint sounds of distant fireworks mingled with the rain.

So it goes. 2010 was a year of learning, of having the courage to do those things that I've always wanted to do - ballet, learning a foreign language, dressing up more, loving and accepting myself in the process. Had I told my awkward 20 year-old self who I'd become 10 years later, she would have laughed in my face and said no way. It took awhile to get here but I've finally come to a place where I don't think too much about what others think of me anymore and focus on just being me.

And now its a new beginning, a new decade. I'm excited to see what 2011 will bring, wrote my wishes in a small piece of sticky note and taped it on my journal. I really, really hope that one (or two) will come true.

P.S. Thank you so much for all your birthday greetings and lovely comments.