i'd pay to visit you on rainy sundays


The weather has been kind of moody these days, with intermittent fog and rain, and I find myself getting antsy too. Especially because my knee is still troubling me and I really miss my ballet classes. Been walking around the neighborhood to clear my head, taking pictures, and meeting with some friends for breakfast and coffee.



I think you guys know how much I love my breakfast food. But I love it more when a restaurant adds sweet little touches, like these muffins for free. Yum, yum.


Also went to the library for some writing time.  There's nothing quiet like spending a rainy Saturday morning cocooned inside a library, in company of books.  I am especially a fan of this one because of its high ceilings and tall bay windows.


I went into January with so much energy and enthusiasm but it didn't turn out quiet the way I wanted it to be. But its okay, I must keep on walking forward.  These words, by Naomi Shihab Nye, resonate so much in me right now: 

 You keep walking, lifting one foot, then the other,
saying “This is what I need to remember”
and then hoping you can.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone. And thank you for all your comments and sweet words, as always.


  1. what a lovely blog you have!
    glad i found my way in here :)

    Naomi Shihab Nye's words really touched me. feel that's how my life is all about at the moment.
    i googled her and i found this one that i really liked:
    "I want to be famous in the way a pulley is famous,
    or a buttonhole, not because it did anything spectacular,
    but because it never forgot what it could do."

    looking forward to follow your posts,

  2. Such beautiful photos Odessa, I would have loved to be in that library with you.
    Now, I'm listening to Obel singing
    "drink a toast to the sun
    To the things that never go,
    To the break of the day
    That is all that I say"

    so perfect for us right now right ? Here's to a perfect February on the way. Big hug.

  3. Hi dear, i have always been a silent fan...just enjoying it all from a distance. Sometimes, i feel the urge to contribute but for some reason, i stop myself..i realized, just enjoying the read quietly was the joy in itself. :)) ate lea

  4. hi vibeke! welcome and thanks for dropping by! yess, naomi shihab nye is one of my favorite poets. love the stanza that you quoted too. :)

    sofia, someday we should go to a library or sit in a cafe together. ah, those words are perfect indeed. thanks and *hugs back*.

    ate leah, thanks for dropping me a note. i'm so touched that you've been following my blog. and no worries, you don't need to say anything. it warms my heart just knowing that you're (silently) reading. xoxo.

  5. whaaa, i love the picture with the leaves!! <3

  6. @kit, thanks! i had to wobble (with the busted knee) up hill to get that shot, but its so worth it. :)

  7. it was!!

    meh about your knee though :(