monday pretties




Today, my heart is longing for:
that perfect summer light, a vintage film camera, ballet --
and my sisters -- I really, really miss them so.


This photo was taken when they went on a trip to Singapore last year.
And yes, it goes without saying that to me, they are the prettiest.

How about you, what does your heart long for today?

(First 2 photos via Daydream Lily, ballet photo by deerlings & ghosthings)


  1. I'm longing for brighter and warmer days (it's 24°F, bbrrrrr), peace in my heart and some other impossible things that will never come back again :)

  2. Yes, a vintage film camera is fantastic to have.

  3. i'm longing for stillness.

  4. Yes, your sisters are beautiful! I'm longing for a full frame camera and a tropical beach vacation.

  5. @sofia, wishing you warmer days too (both literally and figuratively). and i'm with you on wishing for spring.

    @des, its on my wishlist but i'm hesitant to even get one with the cost of developing film. maybe an instant camera is a good compromise.

    @holly, yess to stillness too. a balance of movement and stillness is exactly what i need.

    @tien, thanks! sisters are the best, aren't they? and it seems like a lot of us are wishing for a new camera these days. and definitely a vacation somewhere warm..which, actually i will be in a couple of weeks! ;)