sunny days are coming




These are the rest of the photos that I took while walking around my neighborhood with a disposable camera. I'm so swamped with work and the daily grind and my left knee is not doing too well so I've been taking it easy, no ballet for a couple of days and its definitely making me sad and apprehensive. The good news is, its all blue skies and sunny here. And I will be somewhere even sunnier in less than a month! Woot! (Hint: white sandy beaches and Mayan ruins).

Hope everyone is doing well. xxo


  1. that last one is great, the motion of the cat in the frame.
    oh, be careful with your knees! make suresuresure you are not trying to turn out from them. ask zory to watch you to make sure next time you make it to class, even.

  2. wow! you'll be on vacation next month? enjoy and be safe! it's lovely there=) can't wait for your musings about the place and your lovely pictures=)

  3. holly, thanks! cat moved really fast, i'm surprised the photo came out well. i think i'm in love with film photography now.

    'rish, yess..i'm going to playa del carmen for a friend's wedding. so excited! :)

  4. you took those pics with a disposable camera??? @_@

    whaaaa very great camera skills!!!

  5. kit, thanksies again. yes, it was a good disposable camera. :)