up and down rollercoaster hills



I took these photos before riding on this cable car from Chinatown to Union Square. I had forgotten how much fun it is to dangle from a cable car going up and down the hills -- you know that stop-feeling in your stomach when the hill dips so low, chilly winter air hitting you in the face, and you are holding on to the railing for dear life?

Ah, I love this city. I hope you can all come and visit when you get a chance.

P.S. That's the Transamerica Pyramid in the background.


  1. Looks like it was a fun trip! ^o^

  2. I've never done such a thing but it sounds like great fun! Almost like a rollercoaster-type ride...no wonder you chose "rollercoaster hills" as your post title :)

  3. ItadakimasUJanuary 17, 2011

    aaah that does look like a place i want to visit!! ^^

  4. Ah, San Francisco. Wish I were there right now. Next time we come I'll let you know!

  5. Ooh that sounds fun and I know that I'd be freaking out the entire ride.

  6. idleglory, it was super fun! too bad it wasn't long enough.

    maya, you need to try it sometime. come visit!

    itadakimasU, thanksies. you too should come and visit. hehe.

    mauigirl, we definitely NEED to meet up. that sounds like a plan.

    dorkys, its not too bad, really. the cable car runs very slooooow. haha.