confession tuesday: ballet pink


Is it silly to cry over a pair of shoes? Because I did just that, cried over an old pair of ballet shoes, the sight of it all stretched and dirty, flashback to a year of pliƩs and jumps and standing on my tiptoes. I had a feeling it was coming, I've been lamenting over my painful knees and the fact that I had to take time off from dancing for some time now, but when it came I was even surprised at the ferocity of my heartache.

Just last week I had a potential disaster with my passport but thankfully all that is fixed now so I can travel at the end of the month as planned.  But the thing is, I was even more distressed about the thought of not doing ballet than my passport problems.  I tried to blame it on work stress and erratic sleeping hours but if I have to be honest with myself, I really, really miss ballet. It's only been a year since I started taking classes but I guess that's more than enough for me to love it so. And now even a certain shade of blush pink makes me sad.

I don't know yet what's going to happen with my knees. But I do know that I will try my darnest to make it better, if only so I could dance and jump again.  There's something so wonderfully ecstatic about jumping with your toes pointed in the air and then feeling the wooden floor beneath your feet when you land.  I want to feel that joy again.

P.S. Its been so long since I posted a Tuesday confession here and I had forgotten just how freeing it is.  So if you have something to share, anything at all, email or write a comment below. And thanks for reading...much love to you. xx.

(Photo by Tim Evan Cook via oh happy day)


  1. I really hope you get your dancing back soon, Odessa.

    I would like to confess that I am worried about whether I am capable of doing all the final papers and projects I have this semester. And that, as I have been reminded today, I can be selfishly possessive of my friends at times.

  2. holly, thanks! *hugs* i really hope so too. and about your confession, being possesive with friends is fine in small doses. as long as it doesn't suffocate the other person, its all good. *miles* good luck with your school work! i know you can do it..keep the end goal in sight (i.e. Germany). xxo.

  3. ooopss..i meant *smiles*. spell check! argh.

  4. Cameron and I took a walk to 9th and Irving.. got the day special from Ariz bakery... golden yukon with leeks and cheese.. yummy.. we then hoped the train home... beautiful sunset.. happy valentines day O..

  5. :(

    i really do hope your knees will stop hurting soon!!!

    Gambatte Odessa!