happy, happy friday! and a giveaway.



I have a co-dependent relationship with pretty Japanese office supplies and spent a ridiculous amount of time at Kinokinuya Bookstore. Lately I've been obsessed with these patterned washi tapes and even made some pencils as a holiday gift for my friends last December. They are made of 100% recycled HB pencils and washi tapes, though I call them happy tapes because they make me smiley-happy.

So, as part of my Lunar New Year intention and my thank you for reading this little blog, I'd like to give a set of DIY pencils + some Japanese office supplies to you. Drop me a line at the comment section and I'll let my students pick 3 lucky winners from a hat. You have until next Friday to do so and if you're still shy, you can also e-mail me at oalpuerto(at)yahoo(dot)com instead. International readers are welcome. Cheers! xoxo.


  1. Its always pleasure to read you. Keep writing.

    'And everyday I'll try
    to do one thing I like
    in memory of being happy.'

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaah that's sooo cool~!! how nice and sweet of you!!!

    but keep me out of the draw... sending one pencil to the land of windmills and tulips is a bit too much ^^

    Good luck to the other^^

  3. cute stuff, odang! made me smile too=)

  4. Am lovin'your happy pencil!! Keep on writing too!!!

  5. So pretty! I've actually never heard of this, but I feel like I should have -- it's absolutely beautiful!