most beautiful winter day

highway 1

The Bay Area had a record-breaking heat over the weekend so we decided to drive down the coast to Big Sur.  Just exactly what my stressed self and injured knees needed -- driving along winding roads, crossing old bridges, blue blue skies, all that nature.

highway 1

bixby bridge

my faves

Two of my favorite road trip buddies - my cousin Bill and his sweet little dog Red. Our trips often include random singing in the car and eating junk food (mostly Cheetos).

hippie bus 2

hippie bus

We found this hippie-bus-turned-roadside-store along way and I had to take pictures. Right behind this bus is a river and there were a bunch of women with colorful skirts hula-hopping and dancing. It looked straight right out of a Summer of Love movie.


beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean

Our final destination was this restaurant perched high on a cliff in Big Sur. The view from there is absolutely amazing -- you can see both the redwood forest and the ocean.  Definitely worth the visit even just for the view alone.

sunset in carmel valley

Sunset along the Pacific coast...ah, so beautiful it makes your heart ache.
I will always, always love this side of California.


  1. ow woooooow!!! that is a beautiful winter's day.. kekek you can wear that during winter ^^^mi likes!

    Again, beautiful pictures!!! must be a great roadtrip, thanks for sharing!

  2. *Sigh* I wish my winter days looked like that! I can't get over how vibrant everything looks there.

  3. kit, thanks! and yes, i wore flipflops for the first time in months! it was in the 70s!!! <3

  4. dorkys, you and A should take a trip here soon! :)