that golden hour


Last week, when we had our almost-summer weather, my aunt Carmen and I took a short trip down the coast to Half Moon Bay and drove by a field of yellow flowers -- just in time for sunset. My favorite time of the day is always that golden hour before and after sunset and this one really took my breath away. One of those moments you keep in your chest of happy memories, you know? And I guess it was also providential that we both randomly wore yellow on that day.

field of flowers in half moon bay




Sending some golden sunshine your way. xxo


  1. Wow, those flowers have really grown! When I went to San Gregorio Beach, there were golden fields everywhere. What perfect light! The first photo is stunning.

  2. beautiful beautiful yellow, all that light :)

  3. oh my, this is mind-blowing. I would just sink into those flowers and never want to get out. This is pure beauty.

  4. Tien, yess..they've grown so rapidly! i don't even know what kind they are but i was so in love with them. glad you liked the pics!

    Holly, hope these didn't make you miss/ache for home. on the other hand, just one more semester...

    sofia, thanks! all that light is so beautiful indeed.

    hila, actually something did sink in that field -- our feet. haha. it was soooo muddy, we had no idea. but muddy feet actually made it more fun! ;)

  5. Such a late comment, but I just had to say how lovely this post was! What gorgeous field's of flowers, and the light is just spectacular. I may have gasped a little at your first picture :)