today's inspiration: fudge magazine


There's nothing sweeter than spending a sunny weekend reading at a seaside café with the view of the ocean in front of you. This is exactly what I did 2 weeks ago -- brought my favorite issues of Fudge Magazine and spent the entire Saturday morning browsing its glossy pages while intermittently writing, staring into space, or gazing at the water.



Fudge is a Japanese magazine that I buy regularly from Kinokuniya. Eventhough I can only read about 5% of its contents (if I'm lucky!), I love their photography and unique styling and it makes me want to recreate some of the outfits with my own clothes. Their January issue makes me swoon, especially this ballet-inspired photos. Sigh.



P.S. You can see more gorgeous magazine scans from Fudge here.


  1. There's a Kinokuniya bookstore a couple blocks from work and I could browse through the cute stationery in there all day. Sounds like you've been having a wonderful Sunday :)

  2. dorkys, kinokuniya bookstores are wonderful huh? though they can also be dangerous to your wallet. i have to really exercise a lot of self-restraint every time i go there. :)