today's inspiration: point reyes

Its funny how the weather is always the polar opposite every time I go to Point Reyes -- either very cold and foggy that you can hardly see a thing, so cold that your lips quiver and your fingers are numb, or very bright and sunny with unbelievably glorious light. I love it either way and its one of the first places that I go to when I'm feeling sad, in need of inspiration, or both. I come here and all is right in the world again.

Here are some of my adventures in and around Point Reyes:

The very first photos I took of the headlands, circa 2007.

A magical sunset at Dillon Beach.

Creek-wading along the way.

Tomales Bay with a disposable camera.

Finally, a Poet's Loft of my dreams.

How about you?  Where is your special place?

(Photo of me taken by Holly)


  1. So much beauty in these views...sigh.

    I think my special place is simply the seat of my bike. Maybe the hill behind my house.

  2. ahhh..i really miss biking. someday..soon.