vivez la langue.

This video for Live the Language makes me want to spend a year in Paris so bad. Its not exactly the best kept secret that I love all things French but this short clip just solidified why. Now I want to switch from learning Japanese to French. Ha! So fickle.

Seriously, if I had to pick 3 other cities to live in my lifetime, it would probably be Paris, Tokyo, and Stockholm/Barcelona (still undecided on the third one).

How about you? Dreams are free, right?

(video via Black Eiffel)


  1. well I would say that this video is really cute but the parisians are too kind in the video to make it all real :) :) hehehhe !!!
    I would love to live in Brussels forever :) (my favorite city of all), than Stockholm, and of course Copenhagen or Munich or NY.

  2. sofia, haha. i didn't think of the parisian's attitude in this vid. i was too busy swooning on the macarons! lol. brussels sounds dreamy too! many lovely places.

  3. That blog and video makes me want to move abroad. I say I would love London, Sydney, maybe Bombay.