photo du jour


My friend took this photo of me inside a paper supply store. Apparently I was so busy looking at this wrapping paper display. Ha! I am hopeless when it comes to notebooks and pretty paper and can easily spend HOURS here.

How about you? What's the one thing you can't resist?


  1. beautiful papers there :) Well, for me it's a place with tons of fabric, wool, thread, sequins of all colors, glass pearls, when I find a place like this I stay there for hours :)

  2. I can't resist orchids! But there is a very particular set of requirements I have. Most places don't carry what I want, but when they do, I can be stuck for a long time trying to figure out which one to get.

    Were you at one of the paper places on Fillmore? Or the Paper Source? I love wrapping, especially the handmade ones.

  3. sofia, i had a feeling that yours will be a fabric store. :)

    tien, you'll get along with my mom! she has a pretty good orchid collection. :) as for the photo, it was indeed at Paper Source in Berkeley (by the Amtrak station). Its the biggest one I've been to in our area.