this space to heal


For me, the photo above is perfection. The scenery, the clothes, all those books, the light, everything about it -- I immediately fell in love with when I saw it in a magazine at Kinokuniya.  Its good to have something beautiful to look at times like these. I'm still sick, though feeling a bit better after going to the doctor yesterday and taking some prescription meds. It looks like the rest of my weekend will be spent mostly in bed, blowing my nose, and getting lost of sleep.

P.S. I'm also very heartbroken by the recent earthquake in Japan. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. You can also send your monetary help and donate here.

(Photo via here)


  1. oohf, feel better soon, dear Odessa. sending sweetest dreams to your poor infected head.

  2. oh no, feel better! It's so lousy being sick, I hope you recover soon.