"it's okay if your shoes aren't doing it"

I love this video. It feels like the story of my life right now. Yesterday, I took my first ballet class after being away for more than 2 months. Today, I started a new semester of Japanese class. I didn't take the finals last semester because I missed classes after being sick so much so I'm repeating it again. In both classes, I felt a little out of sorts, like I'm threading a new yet familiar ground again.

Its very fascinating how much the body and the mind remembers and just as quickly, how much it forgets. During our practice conversations in Japanese, I completely forgot so many things that its almost like starting anew. Its the same thing with ballet. While doing our routine at the bar, I had to stop myself from over-thinking and just let my body take over, even if I made mistakes here and there.

Baby steps. Or as the teacher said to her little ballerinas in this video, "Its okay if your shoes aren't doing it." Wish me luck.  


  1. Hehe, that sentence is quite comforting and does lend itself to profundity, I agree.

  2. holly, yes. i try to remember it when my knee hurts and i'm fumbling with my jumps. :D