sakura sake (cherry blossoms, bloom)


Cherry blossoms bloom inside my heart.
Dreams without names started to grow.
-- Arashi, Sakura Sake

I can't remember being this happy about the change of season. This past winter was long and harsh for me -- I wasn't in my best of health and got sick a lot, I also injured my knee and had to take a break from ballet. But now spring is here and my knee is feeling better. I've been getting physical therapy and hopefully will go back to doing ballet and taking long walks soon. Everywhere I go flowers are blooming and I can't stop smiling. Ah, it sooo good to feel the sun on my face again!






All of these photos were taken at the Japanese Tea Garden. Walking around tree lined pathways, hopping along stone bridges, listening to the sound of gentle water flowing, sitting on grass strewn with cherry blossoms -- I felt my heart expanding, bit by bit.

Thank you, spring. ♥


  1. what pretty pictures Odessa ! Oh yes, spring is here now and everywhere I look flowers are around me, winter here was long happy, this week I'm going to see if the cherry blossoms are in bloom :) Have a happy week !!!

  2. ItadakimasUApril 03, 2011

    whaaa so good to hear!!! great that you're in a happy mood and that the knees are starting to work with you again ^^


  3. ItadakimasUApril 03, 2011

    and btw... the pictures are gorgeous!! :) thank you spring indeed xD

  4. sofia, thank you. i'm glad you like them.

    kit, yess..knees are better. *crosses fingers* thanks for the well-wishes!