today's inspiration: a dance for one




Australian clothing label Lover always makes the most beautiful short films. Remember how much I swooned over The Harvest last year? Well, I think they just outdid themselves with A Dance for One, a short film to compliment their latest ballet-inspired collection. It features Amber Scott, a senior artist with the Australian Ballet. Check out the dreamlike sequence and their lovely clothes in the video below.

Don't you just love the music too? Its Gymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie. I recognized it immediately because one of our second-grade teachers always plays it right after lunch recess. She says it calms down her students.

P.S. I hope this will inspire you too. Here's to a great week. xo


  1. wow this is amazing, a dream, better paradise :) Erik Satie that I love love + ballet + beautiful dresses = perfection !
    Thank you Odessa for this :)

  2. oh I love this too, I couldn't wait to finally see it up on the Australian Ballet blog.

  3. sofia: yes, indeed this feels like a dream. sigh.

    hila: i remember that you love Lover too! i can't wait to read about it on the Australian Ballet blog.