where the soft air lives


If I had my way, everyday is 70 degrees and sunny, I'd wear dresses and pretty shoes and wander around, walking or biking everywhere, taking pictures, and writing a story or two of people that I met along the way. Instead, here I am in a slightly dazed state with my mouth still aching from an oral surgery this afternoon, already thinking (read: stressing) about all the things that needs to be done and the paperwork that I still need to catch up on. Yep, its one of those weeks.

Two days ago I had to buy a pair of orthopedic shoes that were prescribed by my physical therapist. I wanted to cry at the store. Yes, they are good for my feet and especially my knees, but they all looked so bulky. I picked the least "sensible-looking" one and hoped for the best. It's not as if I have a choice. I have to do what my therapist tells me to do if I want my knee injury to heal faster. Still, it sucks that I have to say goodbye to my all my cute shoes. Or at least not wear them often. Sigh.

But there are some good news. I'm slowly getting back into ballet again and my teacher said that I am getting stronger. My knees don't ache as much anymore when I walk up and down the stairs. Despite my crazy schedule and knee and dental issues, I still managed to get my taxes done and I'm still keeping up with my Japanese classes. In fact, I just watched a Japanese movie and was pleasantly surprised that I understood a good portion of it without looking at the subtitles. Little victories that are sweeter because I had to work harder for them.

I remember a lay missionary once told us, in reference to the Holy Week, that "there are days that feel like its Friday, but we have remember that (Easter) Sunday is coming."

Yes, it is. And I am so looking forward to it.

P.S. Holly took this photo with her Diana camera when we went to Sonoma last summer. Thanks, Holly!


  1. Oh Odessa, I know exactly what you mean I had to wear orthopedic shoes from 4 to 10 years old and it wasn't funny already at that time...but the good news is that there's always a benefit at the end :)
    That's wonderful news, wish I could learn japanese too, it's on my to-do list...one day, maybe !
    have a wonderful Easter, xo, sofia.

  2. sofia, yess..there's always good news. and i know i won't wear them forever, so that's something that i need to keep in mind. also, fully support the plan for you to learn japanese, its exciting! :D