wondering, wandering.


Evening. My knee was feeling stiff and achy again so I decided to take a long walk. Somehow, every time I wander around, I often end up in a bookstore. This time, its Aardvark Books at the corner of Church and Market Streets, right by the J-line stop. The bookstore is small but they have a great selection of poetry books and I love how its sort of haphazardly organized, like you are just walking into someone's library. They're also open until 10:00 PM so its good for evening book-browsing.



And how can you not love a small neighborhood bookstore with a cat? I later found out that the cat's name is Owen. They said that he likes to walk up and down the aisle and browse around. Isn't he beautiful? I must admit, I'm not really a cat person, but Owen is so mellow and lovely and I instantly fell in love with him.

Oh, remember how I just talked about wanting to read Marguerite Duras' The Lover? I found it here for 4 bucks! Did any of you read this book or watch the movie? If so, what did you think of it?


  1. Late night bookshopping is so rare! You're lucky to have such a sweet shop within walking distance!

    I watched the film of The Lover last year - it's quite shocking, but very beautiful. Fieldguided just did a post on the very same actually!

  2. I love a haphazardly organized bookstore, particularly one that is home to a kitty! (We have a much-frequented record store with the same haphazard, kitty-dweeling style:)

  3. siubhan, yes..i'm quiet lucky that there are a lot of used bookstores within walking distance from me. also, the reason why i want to see the movie was because of Fieldguided's post. :D

    heather, kitty-dwelling stores are quaint, aren't they? it adds so much character.

  4. omg cat in a bookstore!!!
    i love it!!!!

  5. aron, he's totally adorable, isn't he? :D