cherry farm

cheery picking 038

I am currently in Brentwood visiting my aunt and uncle for the weekend. Yesterday we went to a farm and picked cherries. So many of them! Then we had a little backyard barbeque and beer, watched the stars and told each other silly stories. Its nice to be with family and to get away from the city sometimes.

cheery picking 022

cheery picking 015

cheery picking 051

cheery picking 042

For those of you who live the US, have a great Memorial Day! I'll be back on Wednesday.


  1. sounds lovely!:)

    enjoy the rest of you stay there,

  2. Yummy! We have cherry trees here at home and I cant stop myself stopping to eat them as I walk past!

  3. how good are cherries straight off the tree?! definitely one of my favourite fruits in summer :)

  4. how beautiful. these would make a lovely pie.

  5. vibeke, thanks! i had a great time.

    rachel, me too. i can't stop. they are too good.

    SJ, same here. strawberries, cantaloupes, and cherries are my fave to eat during the summer.

    Christina, thanks. i wish i know how to bake but my culinary skills are sadly lacking. :)