have a sweet weekend!


I am obsessed with these cupcakes, especially the mini ones. You can delude yourself into thinking that you've eaten less because they're teeny tiny, when the truth is you've already eaten half a dozen -- or more (ha!ha!). My favorites are salted caramel and strawberry cheesecake. Isn't their store window all kinds of pretty?

And oh, I found the most perfect Diana Mini camera today.  I'm in love. I was saving up for an iPad but might just get this little beauty instead. Do any of you own a Diana Mini? What do you think of this camera?

Have a great weekend everyone! And thanks for dropping by. xo


  1. They look amazing!

    I have the full sized Diana pink and I love it, but I'd keep going for the iPad!

  2. rachel, thanks for your advise. i'm leaning towards the iPad too but the Diana sure is tempting me. :)

  3. mmm strawberry cheesecake sounds heavenly!

  4. i'd pick the camera over the ipad personally, but only because i'm not really sure what i'd do with an ipad since i don't think i'm using my iphone to its full potential at the moment!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and I love it! (I'm actually pretty new to the blogging world (just started one last month). I got a diana mini last month and pretty much carry it with me everywhere- love the size! I posted a few photos on my blog too. Also, I don't have an ipad but I think I would still love my diana-mini more than an ipad :)