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Today my friend Melania and I went food shopping at Nijiya Market. She made a very tasty oden and all 4 of us, with her roommates Beata and Tim, shared it for dinner.

Oden is a Japanese dish that has different ingredients slowly simmered together in an open hot pot (you can read recipe here). I love that its cooking at the table right in front of us and we can just get our own portion and enjoy the dish together. It reminded me of home and the Philippines, how a communal meal with friends and family is such a huge part of our culture. I really miss it and I'm glad that I get to do it here too.

How about you, how was your weekend?


  1. That looks really good.

  2. oh, that looks and sounds good!:)
    eating a lovely meal with dear friends (or family) is one of my favourite things to do.

    i have looked on half of the film, i LOVE it! so glad you shared the link. i am going to see the rest of it next weekend, looking forward to it :)

    have yoy seen the film the elegance of the hedgehog
    it is SOOOOO GOOD!


  3. des, thank you. it was really yummy! :)

    vibeke, oh i'm so happy you liked the movie. i will definitely check out "elegance of the hedgehog". thanks for suggesting this movie! :)