where dolphins play


How was your weekend? I spent the entire Saturday being lazy and catching up on my sleep. I needed it. Especially after a week of extreme busyness. Yesterday my friend Dana and I met up to do some paperwork and I decided to take her to my favorite seaside cafe. It was such a nice day. We even saw dolphins frolic in the sea! I only got little work done but no matter, dolphin-watching was such a treat. I tried to take photos but the dolphins were far away and it was too bright for my disposable camera to capture them. Next time, I'll bring a better camera.



Oh, and my orthopedic shoes are not so bad after all. I felt self-conscious about it at first but now I'm kinda used to wearing them. If it helps my knees heal faster so I can go on longer walks and continue to do ballet, then its worth it. Definitely knees first.

I hope you guys were able to unwind over the weekend too. Happy Monday!


  1. oh I didn't even notice the shoes until you pointed them out - they look fine, I promise :)

    sounds like a wonderful day, I needed a day of relaxation on Sunday too.

  2. That sounds like a fantastic cafe - right by the sea! How perfect to see dolphins too.

  3. Man, that sounds LOVELY! I wish I could just stroll on over to some cafe to do work and check out the dolphins. Right now I can't even sit at the park on these beautiful days because of these allergies :/

    Hope your knees get better ASAP!

  4. hila, thanks. you are too sweet.

    siubhan, it was/is perfect. my secret place to go to when i'm feeling the overwhelmed.

    dorkys, that's too bad about your allergies. thankfully mine hasn't kicked in yet, or maybe i'm now immune to it. ha!