the disposable memory project


The Disposable Memory Project leaves disposable cameras around the world so people can take pictures and pass them on, with the hope that the cameras will eventually return home. So far they have released 340 cameras in different countries, 28 have returned, and 98 were already found. Some even came all the way from Mongolia, Greenland, Gambia, and Australia. Isn't that just amazing?




I love how each photos give us glimpses of these faraway places from a very simple camera. And the fact that people actually took the time to pass it on and send them home is very inspiring indeed. I'm even tempted to release a camera of my own.

You can read more about this project, how to participate, or see more photos here.

All images taken from the disposable memory project.


  1. brilliant!
    i did a mini version of this in my suburb of sydney a couple of years ago, leaving the cameras at bus stops and hoping that they would still be there when i got back. the first trip was sucessful and I got all the cameras back, the next one not so much, i think 2/3 of them were stolen :(
    this has made me want to do it again though, i loved seeing the photos taken by people!

  2. I want to do it! that's so fun :) What a great way to see the world.

  3. i'm loving this idea. seriously...we should have left one in mexico.

  4. SJ, that's great! i was thinking of doing the same thing too, leaving cameras in a park or something.

    marshmallow dreams, yes it sure is.

    neehu, i know right? it would have been interesting to see mexico pics from tourists or locals.