first day of summer

Aoi Yuu - Travel Sand 022

Summer is here! I don't know about you guys but I am most productive in the summer. Its always been this way, even when I was little. I still remember how I decided one year that I will teach myself how to type and begged my parents to buy me a typewriter. All summer long, I typed and typed, sometimes typing poetry and short stories, but mostly just typing away random things.

Last year, I wrote some goals and actually did most of them. It was also the summer that I decided to take Japanese classes and continue doing ballet, two of the things that I love the most. I am still doing both right now but because of my (still) achy knees, I might take it easy on ballet and do something else, like swimming perhaps.

These photos of Yu Aoi by Yoko Takahashi captures the essence of everything that I long to do this summer. I am really inspired to learn film photography and take advantage of the natural light. Other things on my list are: spend more time outdoors and less on the internet, write letters, walk barefoot on the beach, read the classics, eat healthy meals, write more creative non-fiction, and take day trips as often as I can.

Aoi Yuu - Travel Sand 005

Aoi Yuu - Travel Sand 093

Aoi Yuu - Travel Sand 012

Aoi Yuu - Travel Sand 064


P.S. What are your summers like? Do you have special plans this year?

(Photos taken from Yu Aoi's Travel Sand Photobook)


  1. this photos are beautiful :) Looks like summer is very prolific for you. For me instead it's a lethargic time, always has been don't know why I'll restart to live again in the fall ;-)

  2. I'm like you in some ways, wanting to accomplish a lot during my summers. Maybe because it's so bright, cheery and the weather doesn't make me want to hibernate under the covers. Your list sounds so laid back and fun. And it's funny; you want to tackle film photography more while I've been there, done that and have been dreaming of buying a digital SLR someday. My 35 mm has been collecting dust for ages now because I've finally admitted to myself that going the digital route would be way more practical. Maybe if I had access to a darkroom like I did during my college days, I'd be more inclined to continue playing with film. It's such a gratifying process :)

    Another thing I wish I had easy access to: beautiful beaches. Lucky girl.

  3. Bizarrely, I tend to get less done in the summer - in the winter, with all those hours cooped up inside, I can't help but be productive!

    I try to spend as much time as possible outside in the summer (not always easy when the summer you have is an English one!). Like you I'm aiming to find out more about film photography - it seems like such a vast topic, but I'm determined to get somewhere with it!

  4. sofia, we are the exact opposite. i tend to be unproductive and disorganized in the fall. :)

    dorkys, tell me about it. developing film can get expensive. i need to figure out a way that i can have access to a darkroom. i may have to take classes for that to happen though. there's some photography studios here in SF that are offering free use of their darkroom when you are a student. we'll see.

    siubhan, are like sofia ( see comment above). and yes, there is so much to learn, i don't even know where to start. i guess i need to buy an SLR, huh? that should be a start. :)

  5. i love that you take ballet and Japanese lessons, odessa-la.