secret garden, diana style


"If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden."
~ Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Do you ever get that feeling when you find something so lovely that you just want to share it to the world? That's exactly how I felt about this little park hidden amongst the Victorian houses in Russian Hill. I first came here 2 weeks ago on a group hike but we couldn't stay very long so I only took a few photos. I vowed to come back again and bring a book and a picnic basket with me because the garden just calls for it. And then I got my new Diana Mini camera so the timing was perfect! Holly is also back in town until October so we had an impromptu blogger picnic, sans the basket.


There's some of the prettiest coral roses in this garden. And they all smell divine!

Holly in her vintage indigo dress.

Yummy cupcakes from this shop.


I'm still getting used to the controls of my Diana and accidentally shot a lot of double and multiple exposures. I love how they turned out though, so its all good. Also, I already finished 2 rolls of 35 mm film (eep!) so I'll be posting more Diana photos for the rest of the week.

P.S. Can you guess where this secret park is? Hint: Its somewhere near this crooked street. (I will reveal the location at the comment section on Friday)


  1. i just LOVE these. perfect accidents.

  2. love the pictures! the first photo is my favorite :) I wish I lived by that garden so I could picnic there!

  3. holly, can't wait to see the ones you took! and did you notice that it looked like you have wings in the first photo? i love it!

    tammy, that one is my fave too! and the garden is indeed perfect for lazy afternoon picnics.

  4. oh my gosh, i did not! nice worrrrk.

  5. hello friends!
    here is location of this garden: 2366 Leavenworth St (between Chestnut & Lombard)

    and read more about the history of Fay Park here. hope you can see it some time! :)