sweet finds


I bought this bunch of sweet peas from the farmer's market and now my apartment smells so deliciously good. I think it may be one of the best $3 I've ever spent.


A 1958 copy of this Balzac novel for $5 at a used bookstore. I swear I almost did a happy dance. I may have scared the shopkeeper with all my excited ramblings.

How about you, did you find anything special lately?


  1. I love buying flowers because it makes my own so much more "happy" :) Those are gorgeous! Well worth the 3 bucks!

  2. I love Sweet Peas so much - wild ones grow outside my house in France!

  3. i love the variety of colour sweet peas have. THey always make me happy when i see them at the florist :)

  4. lovely. those are the flowers of my birth month, if i recall correctly.

    i bought some good used clothes at the irving good will -- the dark woolly button-up that i'm wearing now is my favorite item. so soft.

  5. tammy, i know right? flowers in my place always makes me smile.

    rachel, ahhh..you need to take photos of your house in France so i can see it.

    SJ, i love the color scheme too! its so lovely.

    holly, really? that's so cool. they have the sweetest smell. as for thrifting, i haven't gone in ages. i should do it again soon.